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Teaboy Games – Fallen.

Posted on 20th December 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

After testing out Ruya at Game Anglia, I thought it would be good to play some more indie games and see what they’re like. I love a good puzzle game. I have never been one for multiplayer ones (other than Mario Kart, because who doesn’t like that?), and enjoy immersing myself into something to relax.

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BAFTA Young Game Designers competition.

Posted on 14th December 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

Getting into any industry is never easy but the games industry is especially competitive. At Game Anglia, Bill Roper advised attendees to just get your foot in the door and then you can and work your way up to where you want to be. If you know it’s something you want to do from a

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Rocket Jump Event – Community Managers’ Event.

Posted on 9th December 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

On Monday, myself and Mark went along to UKIE headquarters in London for the Community Managers’ Event which is organised by Rocket Jump Events. I had never been to something like this before and didn’t really know what to expect from it. Now, there are so many roles within social media and marketing, it can

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DevelopHER Awards in Norwich.

Posted on 5th December 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

A week ago, the fourth DevelopHER awards were held in Norwich. Attending awards ceremonies are becoming a regular thing for the Lost Words team! But this time, it was all about the girls. 2018 has been the year of the woman and it’s great to see an awards ceremony dedicated to those who may have

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A game recommendation – Ruya.

Posted on 4th December 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

I went to Game Anglia a couple of weeks ago and got the chance to see what other games were being developed and showcased. It was great to take Lost Words there and to see what other people thought of the game. For me, testing out different games was great. I have never been much

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Lost Words Discord.

Posted on 23rd November 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

Hello Journal, I’ve decided that I want to make some new friends. My friends make fun of me because I want to become a writer and they all want to be youtubers and popstars. Gran gave me this journal for my birthday and I have nearly finished writing my story about Estoria. I can’t wait

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UK Games Fund Awards in Dundee.

Posted on 16th November 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

Over the last couple of years, we have been extremely fortunate with Lost Words: Beyond The Page, to have been nominated for, and won several awards. It’s very humbling, particularly as the game is still in development. It is due for release in the Spring of 2019 and is now available on Steam to follow

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Awards and reviews for Lost Words: Beyond The Page.

Posted on 13th November 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

Lost Words has been in the making since 2015. Many of the developers have worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Lionhead and Sony. As it is due to be released in the spring of 2019 and the team are working hard to get the game ready for you. It is

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Game Anglia 2018.

Posted on 12th November 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

Saturday was the second ever Game Anglia conference at the University of Suffolk, which was co-founded by our own Mark Backler. There were some fantastic speakers at the event and there was plenty of advice on getting a foot in the door for games industry jobs.    I’m two weeks in to my role as

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Our new PR and Marketing intern.

Posted on 2nd November 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

Hi! I’m Gemma and I joined the team at Lost Words Game yesterday! My background is quite eclectic. The most experience I have in gaming is getting to level 1867 on candy crush and mastering Rainbow Road on Mario Kart. Luckily, my internship isn’t about game development. If it was, I would have been found

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How to Win Awards to Get Your Game Out There

Posted on 27th June 2018 by Mark.

Picking up awards with your game can be a great way to get press and build a following, as well as opening doors for all sorts of other opportunities. Despite the fact that Lost Words is still in development, last month we were lucky enough to win the Indie Prize Award for Best Kids and

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A New Team Member and a Funny Coincidence

Posted on 13th June 2018 by Becky Lavender.

  Hello! I’m Becky, the newest addition to the Lost Words team. I’m a programmer and have worked on 3D platformer Yooka-Laylee at Playtonic Games and god game Godus at 22cans. You can find out more about me here: if you so wish!   Working on Lost Words is a particularly good fit for

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EGX Rezzed 2016

Posted on 26th January 2017 by Mark.

Microsoft kindly provided us with a space on their ID@Xbox stand at Rezzed which was great fun. We had so many players check out The Last Word and people seemed to really love the game! We have had some exciting developments in terms of funding, having now received a grant from the Wellcome Trust, funding

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