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Lost Words is multi-award winning atmospheric puzzler, set between the pages of a diary and a fantasy land. The game features a story written by Rhianna Pratchett and ties the narrative into the gameplay in an unusual way, by having the player character running on and interacting with words to solve puzzles.


Lost Words was first started for the Ludum Dare 26 game jam in 2013, which had the theme of 'minimalism'. Sketchbook founder Mark liked the concept and kept working on it in his spare time until he managed to secure some funding and left his job at Marmalade to work on the game full-time. He has since received a grant from the Wellcome Trust, support from Creative England, raised some SEIS investment through Games Co London and Goldfinch, as well as securing a grant from the UK Games Fund. This has allowed him to hire a talented team and the game has now been picked up by triple-I publisher Modus Games.


  • Story by renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett
  • Explore the pages of a diary by walking on the words and using them to solve puzzles
  • Beautiful visual style
  • Dual settings of the pages of a diary and the fantasy world of Estoria


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Won the Best Kids and Family Game Indie Prize award at Casual Connect" London, UK, 31st May, 2018
  • "Chosen as one of Creative England’s Top 50 companies 2018" London, UK, 24th May 2018
  • "Won Best Indie Game at Game Connection Europe" Paris, France, 1st November, 2017
  • "Won Most Original Game at Game Connection Europe" Paris, France, 1st November, 2017
  • "Won Best Casual Game at Game Connection Europe" Paris, France, 1st November, 2017
  • "Won UKIE's UK Game of the Show award at Gamescom" Cologne, Germany, 23rd August, 2017
  • "Best Indie Game at the Rapture Gaming Festival" Colchester, UK, 14th May 2017
  • "Special Selection Indie Award at Reboot Develop" Dubrovnik, Croatia, 22nd April, 2017
  • "1st place in the Reboot Develop Nordic Game Discovery Pitching Contest" Dubrovnik, Croatia, 22nd April, 2017
  • "Awarded the UK Games Fund grant" UK, 31st March, 2017
  • "Casual Connect Indie Prize nominations for Best Narrative and Most Innovative" Berlin, Germany, 9th Feb, 2017
  • " - Won Best Game of the Show at Intel Buzz" London, UK, 4th June, 2016
  • "Won three Game Connection awards for Best Story, Most Creative and Best Indie Game" San Francisco, USA, 14th March, 2016
  • "Selected for the first ever Stugan games accelerator" Falun, Sweden, July, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "Lost Words is a diary platformer from Rhianna Pratchett and former Lionhead devs"
    - Dustin Bailey, PCGamesN
  • "Diaries, Puzzles and Language Come Together in Lost Words"
    - Nicholas Armstrong, EKGaming
  • "Lost Words: Beyond the Page to hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2019"
    - Neil Watton, N4G
  • "Emotional upcoming platformer turns words into architechture"
    - Nicole Pacampara, Kill Screen
  • "Lost Words is a completely unique game that really hits the mark"
    - Jupiter Hadley, bigbossbattle.com
  • "This charming and atmospheric puzzle platformer has an innovative approach to storytelling."
    - Adrian Burrows, thesixthaxis.com
  • "Rhianna Pratchett's next game is an indie platformer set within the pages of a diary"
    - Kirk McKeand, PCGamesN
  • "Ahead of his Develop:Brighton talk, the developer behind promising title Lost Words discusses why devs must keep pushing for innovation"
    - James Batchelor, Develop
  • " Lost Words, is the story of a young girl who enters an imaginary world through the pages of her diary. "
    - Alysia Judge, BBC Newsbeat
  • "Ipswich games developer has last word with US awards spree"
    - Judith Gaskell, Business Weekly
  • "Lost Words (formerly The Last Word) takes home three prizes from San Francisco event"
    - James Batchelor, Develop
  • "This game is an emotional journey that grips you. @jantonsson almost started to cry. Beautiful Game! A Must Follow."
    - Gordon Van Dyke, Raw Fury

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Sketchbook Games allows for the contents of Lost Words to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Lost Words is legally & explicitly allowed by Sketchbook Games. This permission can be found in writing at http://lostwordsgame.com/press/sheet.php?p=lost_words.

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About Sketchbook Games

At Sketchbook Games we believe that video games are the ultimate storytelling medium. We want to make games that move our players and provide them with groundbreaking emotional experiences. We are working with renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett on our debut game.

More information
More information on Sketchbook Games, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Lost Words Credits

Mark Backler
Founder/ Creative Director

Rhianna Pratchett

Benni Hill (Bonsai)

Luke Peek
VFX and Technical Artist/ Level Design

Billy Wimblett
Concept, Environment and Character Artist

Becky Lavender

Karn Bianco

Rudi Kolenc

Dan Gabriel

Lynne Liu
Art Director

Emily Zhao
2D Artist

Maurice Suckling
Narrative Director

David Housden

Mike McLafferty
Sound Designer

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