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The Team

Sketchbook Games are a rag tag collection of game developers with ten thousand years of game dev experience between them (or thereabouts).
The company is based at the Colchester Games Hub and the team uses a mix of on site and remote working as well as full time and part time work.

Mark Backler

Founder / Designer

Mark is the founder of Sketchbook Games and Fourth State and has been working in the games industry for 10 years at companies such as EA, Lionhead and Sony on games like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Fable 2. Mark is interested in the power of emotion in games and creating moving interactive experiences for players.

Rhianna Pratchett


Rhianna has worked on titles such as Eidos/Square Enix’s Tomb Raider, Sony’s PS3 epic Heavenly Sword, Codemasters’ twisted fantasy games Overlord, Overlord II and Overlord: Dark Legend, 2k’s Bioshock Infinite and EA’s Mirror’s Edge. Her aim is to help developers embrace story-telling in games and improve the ways in which interactive narrative is defined, integrated and received.

Audrey Profit


Audrey has an MSc in Computer Game Engineering from Newcastle University and has worked at in the games industry for three years having been at companies like Whispering Gibbon and Healthy Games working on games such as Cigbreak, Tiny Trees and Knotweed.

Luke Peek

VFX Artist

Luke has a fascination with the more technical side of art, creating visual effects and motion graphics to help bring games to life. He is also currently working on Transmission with Paper Unicorn Games. Outside of games he has worked as a designer and developer for over 10 years on projects for clients such as RIBA and the NHS.

Lynne Liu

Art Director

Lynne has worked within the game industry for 5 years. She is a 2D/3D generalist with experience in art direction/art management. She previously worked at King on games such as Farm Heroes Saga and Shuffle Cats. She also built the art team and directed the aesthetic for mobile game ‘Hugs’. She is a versatile artist and has experience working in a number of styles for varying audiences and purposes. Lynne also believes strongly in the benefits of teamwork, has a solution focused and optimistic approach.

Maurice Suckling

Narrative Designer

Maurice’s first game was Driver, in 1999. Since then he’s worked on over 40 published video games, including Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, Mafia III, Civilization 6, and the Wii Fit series. He’s worked as a producer, a designer, and a voice director, but most often as a writer. Between 2013 and 2015 he was Narrative Director at 2K Australia. Outside of games he works in TV and fiction, co-writing Alphablocks for BBC TV, and publishing a collection of short stories, Photocopies of Heaven. He holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Newcastle University, England.

David Housden


David is an award-winning, BAFTA nominated composer best known for his collaborations with visionary game developer Mike Bithell on the BAFTA award-winning indie hit Thomas Was Alone and his latest opus, Volume. Drawing upon his garage rock band days, Housden creates melodic, original music scores which illuminate imaginary worlds with real emotion and immersion.

Joe Brammall


Joe has worked with Microsoft, Unity, the BBC and audio-only game studio Somethin’ Else.

Rahel Brunold


Rahel was one half of the animation team for Ori and the Blind Forest which won the DICE Outstanding Achievement in Animation award. As well as Moon Studios, she has also worked at Wooga and Airborn Studios.

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