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BAFTA Young Game Designers competition.

Posted on 14th December 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

Getting into any industry is never easy but the games industry is especially competitive. At Game Anglia, Bill Roper advised attendees to just get your foot in the door and then you can and work your way up to where you want to be. If you know it’s something you want to do from a young age, then you already have an advantage. There are so many programs out there to develop your skills and with devs sharing more about how they do it than ever before and the industry growing each year, it’s more possible than ever to get your dream job. 

BAFTA Young Game Designers. 

That brings us onto the BAFTA Young Game Designers competition. This is an amazing opportunity for aspiring game developers. Entering will help you pick up tips from industry experts and it’s a great chance to get feedback on what’s good and what you can do to improve it. 

The competition closes on the 13th March 2019 and it’s open to 10-18 year olds. The categories are; Game Concept, Game Making and there’s also a Mentor Award, where you can nominate someone who you think has been particularly instrumental in your progression as a game developer. There are also two age groups: 10-14 year olds and 15-18 year olds. 

In the Game Concept category, you need to have an original game idea and then pitch it to the panel. To accompany the idea, you need to have game play ideas, artwork, diagrams and/ or level designs. 

In the Game Making category, you must submit a working prototype of your game with at least ONE playable level. You can find out more about it here

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, or know of anyone who could benefit this, enter the competition here

Good luck and happy designing! 



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