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How to Win Awards to Get Your Game Out There

Posted on 27th June 2018 by Mark.

Picking up awards with your game can be a great way to get press and build a following, as well as opening doors for all sorts of other opportunities.

Despite the fact that Lost Words is still in development, last month we were lucky enough to win the Indie Prize Award for Best Kids and Family Game at Casual Connect London 2018. This marks the thirteenth award the game has won so far. These awards have helped us build excitement for the game, but are also a fantastic tool when looking for funding.

So how can you do the same for your game? Firstly, we’re going to assume that you’re making the best game you can and are constantly playtesting it, getting feedback and making it better. Secondly, you have to get it out there…

You’ve Got to be in it to Win it

The next step is to apply. This process takes time, but when you have applied for a few competitions, you start to get a feel for what they might ask for, such as:

If you’re just starting out, this list might look like a big ask, but it’s definitely worth taking the time to put a first version of them together. Remember – like the game itself, you can keep improving them as your work progresses.

I think that some types of games may be suited slightly better for picking up awards, but we have lost plenty of awards and nominations to pretty much every type of genre so I think that the execution of the concept is actually much more important than the genre itself.

Put it in Your Diary was a very useful resource that told us which competitions were happening when, and provided information about applying. Sadly, as of May 2018, it’s not longer live so you will need a different way to fill that diary!

Events for Games and Games both give you a calendar of events in the games industry, which is handy to keep an eye on. If anyone knows of up to date lists of games competitions though then please let me know and I’ll update this article!

Try, Try Again!
If you don’t get selected, win, or even hear back at all, then don’t get disheartened. We’ve not been selected and lost far more things than we’ve won with Lost Words but that’s just the nature of competitions! The odds are against you, although you can improve them by entering more!

Persistence is the key. Keep trying, and keep working hard on your game. Applying for smaller events can help too. They will likely not have the same fierce level of competition as at the biggest events.

And that’s it! Oh and also a bit of good luck helps. So good luck to you! Both the chance kind and, more importantly, the kind that you make yourself from working hard and seizing opportunities!



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