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Teaboy Games – Fallen.

Posted on 20th December 2018 by Gemma Tidmarsh.

After testing out Ruya at Game Anglia, I thought it would be good to play some more indie games and see what they’re like. I love a good puzzle game. I have never been one for multiplayer ones (other than Mario Kart, because who doesn’t like that?), and enjoy immersing myself into something to relax. If games are quite tricky, I feel myself getting frustrated with them and more often than not, quit and never play them again. At the Games Hub in Colchester, there’s various indie game developers, all creating different games. 

One of the game development companies at the hub is Teaboy Games. The team was established in 2014 when they had finished their degrees. They’re now making their third game and are still going strong. Fallen was the first game they created and it is described as a cross between Tetris and Pinball. 

I downloaded the game on my phone on Friday afternoon and spent a large majority of my evening playing it. This is always a good sign for me. Games that have few instructions are my kind of thing, you just become in competition with yourself and try to better your score. It’s described as ‘The Shockingly Addictive’ game and I don’t think that’s been exaggerated. When you give your product a tagline like that, you need to be able to follow it through and live up to the label. 

I found myself feeling impressed at how professional and well designed it is. Teaboy Games is made up of only three developers so to complete and release a game of this quality is something to be admired and respected. The concept is simple – but that’s where the beauty lies. You can play it for hours and not get bored. It’s a great game for relaxation and escapism. You can just try and better your score without feeling like you have failed, which I think is important for lots of players. Although they enjoy gaming, sometimes ‘losing’ or ‘failing’ a level can cause people to look negatively at themselves.

I would definitely recommend Fallen to anybody who likes to play games on the go and if you’re looking to reduce your stress, then this is the one for you. You can give it a go and download it now



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